7 things about Caterpillar machine you may not know

7 things about Caterpillar machine you may not know

1. What machinery does Caterpillar make?

2. Why is Caterpillar equipment so popular?

3. Why does Caterpillar use yellow?

4. Who owns Caterpillar now?

5. Is Caterpillar bigger than John Deere?

6. Who is Caterpillar's biggest competitor?

7. What is the biggest thing Caterpillar makes?


What machinery does Caterpillar make?

Caterpillar machines nearly cover all kinds of construction and agricultural machines, including tractors, trucks, loaders, excavators, graders, scrapers, and other heavy machines used in agriculture, construction, mining, logging, and industrial warehousing.


Why is Caterpillar equipment so popular?


Caterpillar is one of the biggest manufacturers for heavy equipment. Caterpillar machines can withstand harsh conditions. With high quality material parts, Caterpillar heavy equipment machines are known for durability.


Why does Caterpillar use yellow?

Caterpillar changed the color of its machines to Hi-Way Yellow in 1931 for pleasing and high visibility. One reason is because Caterpillar wanted an aesthetically pleasing color. Another main reason of yellow is because people who work on a job site can see clearly during day and night.


Who owns Caterpillar now?

Institutional Investors own Caterpillar, with the top ten shareholders having a 34.66% stake in the company. The top shareholders of the company include:


The Vanguard Group, Inc (8.62%)

SSA Funds Management, Inc (7.65%)

BlackRock Fund Advisors (4.52%)

Capital Research and Management Co. (3.77%)

State Farm Investment Management Co (3.33%)


Is Caterpillar bigger than John Deere?


Yes, Caterpillar is notably bigger than Deere. Caterpillar is the global top one construction machinery equipment manufacturer.


Who is Caterpillar's biggest competitor?

Komatsu. Komatsu is the second-place construction machinery equipment manufacturer.

Caterpillar- US$32 billion

Komatsu- US$25 billion

XCMG-US$18+ billion

Sany- US$16+ billion

John Deere- US$11+ billion


What is the biggest thing Caterpillar makes?


Caterpillar 994

The Caterpillar 994 is the largest-ever wheel loader built by Caterpillar. At 427,209 lbs., the giant Caterpillar 994 dwarfs the 992, nearly doubling the already massive wheel loader in terms of weight, power, and bucket capacity.

Standing at 22.1 ft. tall, everything about the Caterpillar 994 is oversized, right down to its tires. So much so that, when production began on the first prototype in 1989 at Caterpillar’s newly formed Mining Vehicle Center, the largest tires in production were only just barely adequate for the huge machine’s needs.


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