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The history of Lister Petter

Lister Petter is one of the oldest manufacturers of diesel engines in the world. In 1883, Robert Ashton Lister founded the company and started to produce diesel engines. He was a mechanical engineer and an inventor.

The company has produced engines for ships, buses and large construction machines. In the early 1900s, Robert Ashton Lister started to manufacture diesel engines for railways. He used them in locomotives, trucks and trams. The largest of these engines was a 4-cylinder engine that had a capacity of 2.5 tons (2200 kg). Implementing new innovative products is always the core focus in the expansion of the business in which evolve into the manufacturing of diesel engine for Petter in the year from 1900 to 1940 where the new models with different ratings are being introduced and recognized for the use of electricity power as well as light locomotives.

Lister Petter later at 1994 became a supplier of FG Wilson company, one of the biggest diesel generator manufacturer in the world. The result of which is not purely for the hard work and vision of the engineers but also the input of ideas from the end users and customers from which providing us a moving force for the betterment of our products. This heritage became our commitment to working with our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) in providing what is needed for their specific application.

In 2022, Lister Petter has new owner, this company is turn into a new page.


The diesel engine family of Lister Petter

Lister Petter first diesel engine is manufactured at 1867. Later Lister make 2 strokes and 4 strokes diesel engine at 1930. Please check the below image for the detailed engine family. Now most diesel engine of Lister Petter is stopped production.

Between the engine series, the alpha series is the most sucessful one. Lister started to manufacture it from 1986 until now. FG Wilson diesel generators also use Lister Petter alpha series diesel engine on their genset. Alpha series diesel engines are water cooled and known for well performance and reliablity on diesel generators. Alpha series diesel engines are LPA, LPW, LPWT, LPWS mainly nowadays.

How to identify a Lister Petter Alpha series engine?

Lister Petter engine has an engine nameplate. You can identify your engine model from that.

LPA2 and 3 - two and three cylinder, direct injection, naturally aspirated axial fan cooled diesel engines.

LPW2, 3 and 4 - two, three and four cylinder, direct injection, naturally aspirated water cooled diesel engines. LPWT4 - four cylinder, direct injection, turbocharged water cooled diesel engine. LPWG2, 3 and 4 - two, three and four cylinder, gas fuelled, naturally aspirated water cooled diesel engines.

LPWS2, 3 and 4 - two, three and four cylinder, indirect injection, naturally aspirated water cooled diesel engines.

111: The engine in the year of manufacture code

00379: Consecutive number of engine

LPW: Engine Model

4: 4 cylinders(1 means 1 cylinder, 2 means 2 cylinders, 3 means 3 cylinders, 4 means 4 cylinders)

A: Anticlockwise rotation(Code letter Z or A = rotation)

92: Build of engine(The engines within each range have been assembled to predetermined configurations and where the build number is preceded by a '9' this indicates that the engine is either of a non-standard configuration, or contains non-standard parts or accessories. When new parts are required for such a build it is suggested that reference be made to Lister Petter to determine the exact engine specification and which parts are non-standard. Where the engine serial number contains a 'G', for example GLPW3, this denotes the engine was built into a generating set by Lister Petter. A full list of builds is given in "Section 13 - The Engine Builds". 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 and 49. In general 'Alpha' marine propulsion engines are designed for the following applications. LPA - leisure and commercial craft. LPW - workboats and commercial craft. LPWT - workboats and commercial craft. LPWS - canal boats. )


Replacement Lister Petter engine parts for sale

Lister Petter diesel engine is welcomed because of its longevity and reliability on diesel generator. Now Lister Petter diesel engine is widely used on many famous diesen generator, such as FG Wilson. With so many years development, replacement Lister Petter diesel engine parts can cover more diesel engine series such as LPW2, LPW3, LPW4, LPWT4, LPWS4. The replacement parts include full gasket, cylinder head gasket, gasket, radiator, radiator cap, water pump, fan blade, fuel shutoff solenoid, alternator, starter motor, crankshaft, cylinder head, fuel injector, fuel pump, fuel injector nozzle, main bearing set, connecting rod bearing set, thrust washer, intake valve, outlet valve, valve spring, thermostat, voltage regulator, meter, water temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor, speed sensor, controller and so on.

Lister Petter alpha series engine such as LPW2, LPW3, LPW4, LPWT4, LPWS4, most engine parts are commonly used. For example, the cylinder head gaskets for sure are different because they have different cylinder quantities but other engine parts such as fuel pump, fuel injector, fuel solenoid maybe same. If you need to confirm your items if can be used on other Lister Petter engine, please contact us, we will confirm for you.

With many years experience, those replacement diesel engine parts perform well after installation and use. All replacement Lister Petter engine parts we supply 1 year warranty and technical support. You can check this link for more details.




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