FG Wilson genarator with Perkins engine list

With over fifty years of experience, FG Wilson is leading generator manufacturer who has it's own factory in Europe, Asia and Americas. The generators range from 6.8-2500KVA, includes open and enclosed generator sets providing prime and standby power.

Perkins is the leading diesel engine manufacturer. Perkins has been the engine of FG Wilson for long time. Their relationship goes back for two decades even before they became sister companies. Currently FG Wilson is the largest user of Perkins industrial engines. This long and established relationship has led to a great synergy between the two companies creating value for FG Wilson customers. Today FG Wilson works together with Perkins in the development, design and testing of new generator drive engines.

Here below are the common models of FG Wilson generators with its Perkins engine.

P7.5-4S 403D-11G
P11-6S 403D-15G
P14-6S 404D-22G1
P16.5-6S 404D-22G 
P26-3S 1103A-33G1
P26-6S 1103D-33G3
P40-3S 1103A-33TG1
P40-4S 1103C-33TG2/3
P50-5S 1103A-33TG2
P55-6S 1104D-44TG2/3
P90-3S 1104C-44TAG2
P90-6S 1104D-E44TAG2
P9.5-4 403D-11G
P13.5-6 403D-15G
P18-6 404D-22G1
P22-6 404D-22G
P33-3 1103A-33G1
P33-6 1103D-33G3
P50-3 1103A-33TG1
P50-4 1103C-33TG2/3
P55-3 1103A-33TG2
P55-4 1104C-44TG2/3
P65-5 1103A-33TG2
P65-6 1104D-44TG2/3
P88-3 1104A-44TG2
P88-6 1104D-E44TAG1
P110-3 1104C-44TAG2
P110-6 1104D-E44TAG2
P150-5 1106A-70TG1
P165-5 1106A-70TAG2
P200-3 1106A-70TAG3
P220-3 1106A-70TAG4

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