How to check whether the diesel engine coolant is sufficient?

How to check whether the diesel engine coolant is sufficient?

How to check if the diesel engine need to change coolant? Most car owners check the coolant level daily and replenish as necessary. Few car owners will change the coolant. It's not that you can't just add it but not replace it, but it may have a certain impact on the engine cooling system after a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the coolant once and then add new coolant.

The coolant circulates in the engine cooling system to take away the excess heat energy generated during engine operation, so that the engine can run at normal operating temperature. So how to check whether the coolant is sufficient?

When the low coolant light is on, the engine is boiling, the engine water temperature is too high, and the water temperature warning light is on, it may indicate that the car is low on coolant.

  1. Check the transparent coolant tank when the engine is cold, and check the liquid level according to the MAX and MIN marking lines on the wall of the coolant storage tank. If the fluid level is too low, add a glycol-based type of coolant, which protects the aluminum on the car from corrosion.
  1. If the color of the coolant becomes dark and turbid, it means that the quality has declined and it is time to replace it.
  1. After filling the coolant, the liquid level drops within a short time, indicating that there may be a leak in the system.

How to change the coolant?

  1. Open the engine compartment cover, find the water tank cover and unscrew it, and find the drain valve along the water tank. The drain valve is generally located at the bottom to facilitate the release of antifreeze.
  1. Open the drain valve and continuously inject clean water into the engine cooling system. During the flushing process, the engine should run at idle speed to keep the internal clean water circulation until the water tank releases clean water.
  1. Wait for the clean water to flow out and close the drain valve.
  1. Add new antifreeze and fill it between the high level mark and the low level.
  1. Cover the water tank cover, start the car, let the engine idle for 2-3 minutes, then check the liquid level of the antifreeze again, and add it to the appropriate position again.

The coolant acts as an antifreeze. Coolant has the function of preventing metal parts from corroding and rubber parts from aging. The coolant can also prevent and reduce the generation of scale in the circulation. It is very necessary to pay attention to whether the coolant is sufficient in time.

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