How to identify your JCB engine?

Many customer do not know how to identify their JCB engine name plate. Here we'd like to briefly introduce how to identify a JCB engine.

Please check as below engine name plate. JCB engine serial number is 17 digits.

Above engine serial number is SD320/40519U0285019

S D 320/40519 U 2850 19
1 2 3 4 5 6


1        Engine Displacement
S = 4.4 litre series
D = 4.8 litre series
2        A = naturally aspirated engine (JCB Tier 2)
B = turbocharged engine (JCB Tier 2)
C = turbocharged and intercooled (JCB Tier 2)
D = turbocharged mechanical fuel injection (JCB Tier 3)
E = electronic common rail fuel injection (JCB Tier 3)
F = turbocharged and aftercooled (JCB mechanical Tier 3)
H = turbocharged and aftercooled electronic common rail fuel injection (JCB Tier 4i)
3        Engine part number
4        Country of manufacture
U = United Kingdom
5        Engine serial number
6        Year of manufacture
The last three parts of the engine identification number are stamped on the cylinder block at position B:
U        00001    12

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