How to make your NOx Sensor have a longer service life?

The nitrogen oxygen sensor is used to measure the concentration of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust of the engine. As a component of automobile exhaust gas treatment, its existence is very important.

So what can we do to make it work normally or extend its lifespan?There are 5 points to note that we can do for it.

1.Use high-quality nitrogen oxygen sensors to check the working status of the sensors every 30,000 kilometers. If aging or failure occurs,pls clean or replace in time.The performance of the three-way catalytic device and the engine will be damaged due to the abnormal operation of the oxygen sensor.

2.Do not let the nitrogen oxygen sensor collide with hard objects. Because the sensor has ceramic sensitive components,that is,the probe.If it falls on the ground or collides with a hard object,severe vibrations and shocks will damage the ceramic components in the sensor.

3.Avoid pulling the sensor wires. This is the same as other electrical equipment. Excessive pulling of the sensor wire may lead to unreliable connection of the sensor,thereby affecting its work.

4.Don't flush the exhaust pipe after the flame is turned off. When the engine has just turned off,be sure not to flush the exhaust pipe immediately.This is because when the exhaust pipe is rapidly cooled from the outside,it will cause the ceramic sensitive components inside the sensor to explode,resulting in damage to the sensor.

5.Don't use inferior engine oil. Don't go to small gas stations,gas stations,refueling,avoid crystallization of the three-way catalyst and affect the service life.

Achieving the above 5 points can greatly extend the service life of your nitrogen oxide sensor.

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