Spark plug maintenance and replacement tips

Abstract: Spark plug in long-term use, there will be a corresponding loss, long-term use will lead to combustion decline, resulting in engine performance not playing a good performance in time, to a certain extent affecting the driving performance of the car. The service life of the spark plug is generally 20,000 kilometers, and the service life of the iridium spark plug is slightly longer, reaching 60,000-80,000 kilometers. A good spark plug can effectively help the engine improve performance and can make the fuel fully burn, thus saving fuel consumption. So how to replace the spark plug? And what are the tricks?


First, disassembly of spark plug


To remove the spark plug, first pull out the spring, then use a screwdriver with the appropriate diameter to insert the spark plug hole, slowly turn the screwdriver, while using the wrench to rotate back and forth to unscrew the spark plug.

Second, replace the new spark plug


  1. Prepare

Before removing the spark plug, it is necessary to ensure that the vehicle has warmed up and the various parts of the spark plug are cleaned. When cleaning, you can use a dry cloth or sandpaper to clean, but do not use water oil, and other liquids to avoid damage to the spark plug.


  1. Optional spark plug

When replacing the spark plug, it is necessary to select the appropriate spark plug according to the specific condition of the engine. In general, you can use the following methods to choose:


(1) According to the calorific value selection: according to the compression ratio and heat of the engine select the appropriate spark plug calorific value. If the calorific value is too low, it may cause difficulty in starting the engine; If the calorific value is too high, it may lead to a decrease in engine power and an increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, when choosing a spark plug, you need to choose according to the actual situation.


(2) According to the gap selection: the gap size of the spark plug directly affects the ignition efficiency of the spark plug. If the clearance is too large or too small, it may affect the normal operation of the engine. Therefore, when choosing the spark plug, it is necessary to choose according to the actual condition of the engine.


(3) According to the material selection: at present, the spark plug on the market mainly has copper core, nickel alloy core, white gold core, iridium gold core, and other materials. Among them, the spark plug with iridium gold core has a longer service life and better performance, but the price is higher. Spark plugs with copper cores are cheaper, but have a shorter service life. Therefore, when choosing a spark plug, you need to choose according to the actual situation.

  1. Install a new spark plug

The following points should be noted when installing a new spark plug:


(1) The dirt on the spark plug should be removed before installation;


(2) When installing, pay attention to maintaining the distance between the spark plug and the cylinder body, do not screw too tight;


(3) After the installation is completed, the test should be carried out to check whether there are abnormal phenomena;


(4) If you replace multiple spark plugs, pay attention to the type and calorific value of spark plugs to be consistent.

Third, maintenance skills and experience sharing


  1. Replacement cycle: Generally speaking, the spark plugof the enginewill wear and age after a period of use, so it needs to be replaced regularly. In general, it is recommended to replace the spark plug every 10,000 kilometers or so.


  1. Troubleshooting: If the enginehas symptoms such as starting difficulties, power decline, and increased fuel consumption, you can consider whether it is a spark plugproblem. You can try to replace a new spark plug, if the problem is solved, it indicates that the spark plug problem; If the problem persists, further inspection of other components is required.


  1. Precautions: When removing and installing the spark plug, care should be taken to avoid damaging other components, such as the spring wire and ignition coil. At the same time, when choosing the spark plug, it is necessary to choose according to the actual situation of the engine, and not blindly pursue high-grade spark plugs. In addition, after replacing the spark plug, it is necessary to conduct a test run to check whether there are abnormal phenomena.


  1. The magnetic sleeve can also be used to remove the spark plugwhen the spark plugis pulled out. If there is no magnetic sleeve, you can plug a thicker double-sided tape into the sleeve, and you can also bring out the spark plug.


Summary: To know that the spark plug is one of the vulnerable parts of the engine, long-term in the harsh environment of high temperature and high pressure, so remember to regularly clean and replace the spark plug on time. In short, the maintenance of engine spark plugs and replacement skills need to be combined with the actual situation to select and operate. By mastering these skills and experience, you can better maintain the normal operation of the engine and extend its service life. If you still have questions about replacing the spark plug, you can contact us. We can provide you with quality guaranteed spark plug accessories and provide you with professional guidance.


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