6631515 995998 Water Pump for Bobcat Skid Steer Loader 2400 943 953 970 974 2410


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Tom Otto
Thomas otto

You get a minus star. I ordered the part, paid $35 for expedited shipping. FedEx was super, had the package here in 3 days, super fast. Problem, got a water pump for 543. 1/4 the pump needed. Ok fine, mistakes are made. Send message informing your sales personnel. Ok, they would get in touch with supplier, but part could only be shipped free mail shipping, 7 to 10 days, they asked if I could wait or pay again for expedited shipping, as the company would not allow them to pay it. After expressing my opinion on that BS, I told them fine, just get me the right pump. 6 days go by, I send them a note asking how my part was coming along, as I had not received a tracking number, the date is 1/17/2023. On the 18th, I get a message "we have not yet gotten in touch with supplier. Problem is we go on holiday from the 19-27, we will have to reorder then. All I can say is U#$&&F#$$_ BElIEVABLE. I have since ordered the part from a different supplier, gotten the part and installed it. All I need from you and your incompetent company, is my money back. We will see how long that takes. TOTALLY TOTALLY etc. DISATISFIED!!!!!!!!

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