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Lister Petter has a long history in the production of diesel engine parts, especially for agricultural diesel engines. Lister Petter has pre-configured engines for the following sectors:

Agriculture,Construction,Power Generation,Disaster Recovery,Telecoms,Marine.


The engines produced by Lister Petter have always been known for their durability in the market. WDPART offer replacement Lister Petter repair parts for your choice including solenoids, fuel pumps, water pumps, crankshaft, pistons, gasket sets and so on.

Lister Petter Engines sells, rebuilds and supplies parts. WDPART have a large stock of parts for every model. Our expert technicians have been servicing these engines for over 10 years.


Which Lister Petter repair parts can WDPART supply?

We can currently supply most parts for Lister LPW3 and LPW3, as well as a small number of parts for LPW2.

Application:Lister Petter LPA2 LPA3 LPW LPW3 LPW4 Engine,Lister Petter 366-06379,Lister Petter Onan 186-6269,Lister Petter LPWT4......


Here are some of our best-selling products, and there are many more that you can purchase in our store. 

*4PCS Fuel Injector 31538 31539 751-19700 for Lister Petter LPW Engines LPW4 LPW3 LPW2

Price:  $184

Application:  Lister Petter LPW Engines LPW4 LPW3 LPW2

Condition:  New, replacement


*657-34261 Full Gasket Set for Lister Petter LPW3 LPW LPWS Engine

Price:  $265

Application:  Lister Petter LPW3 LPW LPWS Engine

Condition:  New, replacement


*657-35090 657 35090 Overhaul Gasket Set for Lister Petter Joint Set Lpwt4 O/H LPWT4

Price:  $139

Application:  Lister Petter LPWT4

Condition:   New, replacement


*1502-12C7U2B2S1 SA-3405-T Stop Solenoid 12V for Lister Petter LPW Engine

Price:  $58.80

Application:  Lister Petter LPW 12V

Condition:  New, replacement


*Replacement 751-10033 4 Cylinder Connecting Rod for Lister Petter LPW4 Engine

Price:  $98

Application: Lister Petter LPW4 Engine

Condition:   New, replacement


*657-34241 65734241 Overhaul Gasket Set for Lister Petter LPW LPWS LPWT LPW2 LPWS2 Engine

Price:  $128

Application:  for Lister Petter LPW LPWS LPWT LPW2 LPWS2 Engine

Condition:   New, replacement


*750-40627 750-41022 Water Pump 3 Bolts for Lister Petter LPW2 LPW3 LPW4 LPWT4 LPWS2 LPWS3 LPWS4 Engine

Price:  $108

Application:  for Lister Petter LPW2 LPW3 LPW4 LPWT4 LPWS2 LPWS3 LPWS4 Engine

Condition:  New, replacement


*Turbo GT1544 Turbocharger 754-42310 For Lister Petter LPWT4

Price:  $614

Application:  Lister Petter LPWT4

Condition:  New, replacement


*Rod Bearing 751-10200 for Lister Petter Engine LPW

Price:  $44

Application:  Lister Petter Engine LPW

Condition:  New, replacement


These are our popular Lister Petter's products, if you need to see more diesel engine parts products, you can click the link to enter our shop to choose.https://wdpart.com/

Of course, if you have other products that you would like to find but are not on display in our store, you can also contact our customer service to help you.

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