The fuel injector is damaged after only 30 minutes of use, what is the reason?


The injector is one of the important parts of the diesel engine, the main function of the injector is to inject a high-pressure fuel device into the combustion chamber of the diesel engine. According to the requirements of different diesel engines, the injector realizes the mixed combustion of diesel and air with a certain injection pressure, spray fineness, and injection range. Therefore, the injector is indispensable for the diesel engine, and once there is a failure, it will affect the work of the entire diesel engine. The fuel injector is damaged after only 30 minutes of use, what is the reason?

The various components in the diesel engine are related to the injector, and the various components in the high-pressure fuel system are related to each other.

If the high-pressure oil pump is damaged, the metal chips produced by it will be carried into the high-pressure oil pipe, common rail oil tank, and fuel injector. The internal friction surface of the injector is seriously scratched by debris or the injector needle valve is stuck, and the injector must be replaced. In the repair process, the repair of the wear failure of the high-pressure oil pump is mainly to replace the high-pressure oil pump and the injector at the same time, the high-pressure oil pipe and its common rail oil groove must be replaced.

Although the high-pressure tubing and common rail oil groove are not damaged, their interior is full of metal chips generated by the high-pressure oil pump, so if the high-pressure tubing or common rail oil groove is not replaced, the metal chips remaining inside will be brought back into the injector by the high-pressure fuel, and the newly replaced injector will be damaged again.

To make the fuel burn more fully and reduce the emission of particulate pollutants, the injection pressure must be increased. To achieve high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure fuel injection, the high-pressure oil pump and injector of the common rail diesel engine are very accurate, and the friction surface of the internal couple is lubricated by fuel, if the fuel quality is not good, the precision parts are easy to scratch or get stuck.

Do not try to remove the metal chips in the high-pressure fuel oil circuit by cleaning. The practice has proved that in addition to the low-pressure oil circuit, the metal chips in the high-pressure oil pipe and common rail oil tank are difficult to clean, and professional cleaning equipment is difficult to clean. Because these metal chips are embedded in its inner wall by more than 200 mpa of high-pressure fuel, it is difficult to clean. When re-used, under the erosion of high-pressure fuel, metal chips are likely to fall into the tube fuel, re-damaging the components of the high-pressure fuel system.


Secondly, the cause of fuel injector damage is also the use of substandard fuel.

There are four types of engine failure caused by substandard fuel.

  1. There are particles in the fuel
  2. There is too much moisture in the fuel
  3. The fuel is doped with other chemicals harmful to the engine
  4. Poor quality fuel affected by temperature has gunk

The resulting diesel engine faults include scratches, wear, and stuck parts. Impurity particles in the fuel can scratch or stick the plunger coupling in the fuel system. Particulate matter can directly lead to the blockage of the fuel filter, causing the engine to stall or difficult to start, the early wear of the high-pressure injection system, and the formation of carbon deposits.

Moisture or harmful chemicals can accelerate the aging of engine oil and make the lubricant performance of diesel worse. The combination of fuel and water will form acid, which will corrode pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners gas valves, etc., which will accelerate the wear rate of precision coupling parts in the fuel system. The viscosity in the fuel can cause the precision coupling in the coupling system to stick, resulting in the nozzle sticking.


In general, the maintenance and maintenance of the high-pressure common rail fuel system is very important, maintenance is not timely may cause damage to the internal components, serious cases the fuel injector will be trapped, resulting in diesel engine failure during operation. If your injector fails soon after replacement, if you need parts for your diesel engine, or if you have questions about internal problems with their high-pressure common rail fuel system, you can contact us at any time.

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