Here is a list of one hundred diesel engine parts
  1. Heater

Generally in the case of low temperature, heat the air to start the engine. The engine does not need an air heater during normal operation

It is used when starting in a low temperature environment, which can increase the intake temperature of the engine and make it easier for the fuel to catch fire in the cylinder.


  1. Thermostat assembly

The thermostat is a valve that controls the flow path of the coolant and is an automatic temperature control device, usually containing a temperature sensing component. The thermostat must be kept in good technical condition, otherwise it will seriously affect the normal operation of the engine.


  1. Main oil passage pressure limiting valve

A component that prevents the oil pressure in the main oil passage from exceeding a predetermined value.


  1. Swing arm seat

Install parts for the rocker arm or rocker arm assembly.


  1. Crankshaft flange

It has a connecting effect on the wheel, which can not only achieve the accurate positioning and power transmission of the center of the wheel and the half shaft, but also facilitate the fixing of the brake disc and the disassembly of the wheel.


  1. Gear box

Housing parts for mounting gears


  1. Spindle tile (upper and lower tile)

Upper tile: the part between the main bearing cover and the spindle neck

Lower tile: the part between the main bearing of the body and the main journal.


  1. Intake valve, exhaust valve

Intake valve: A valve that allows fresh air to enter the combustion chamber of an engine

Exhaust valve: A valve that allows combustion to pass through when it leaves the cylinder


  1. Monitor

It can collect, organize and display some parameters in diesel engine operation, and output alarm signal for parameters beyond the predetermined value.

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  1. Heat exchanger

A device that can transfer part of the energy of the hot fluid to the cold fluid, and circulates the internal and external cooling media.


  1. Flywheels

The main function of the flywheel is to store the energy of the working stroke, overcome the resistance of the auxiliary stroke to maintain the uniformity of the crankshaft rotation, and make the internal combustion engine work smoothly.


  1. Starter

The starting devices of the engine are: electric starter, electromagnetic meshing starter, decelerating starter, permanent magnet starter and air starter


  1. Oil pump assembly

It ensures the oil pressure and flow required for engine lubrication.


  1. Oil filter

The oil filter is used to filter the metal debris in the oil, mechanical impurities and the oxidation of the oil itself. The quality of the oil filter directly affects the overhaul period and service life of the internal combustion engine.


  1. Generator

The generator supplies power to electrical equipment and charges batteries.


  1. Water pump assembly

The pump pressurizes the cooling water to ensure its circulation in the cooling system.


  1. Piston

The role of the piston is to withstand the pressure of the gas in the cylinder and pass this force to the connecting rod.

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  1. Piston ring

Piston rings are divided into gas rings and oil rings. The function of the gas ring is to ensure the seal between the piston and the cylinder wall to prevent the high pressure gas above the piston from leaking into the crankcase. The main function of the oil ring is to scrape off the excess oil on the cylinder wall and flow back to the crankcase to reduce the consumption of oil.


  1. Fuel filter assembly

Its role is to make the diesel oil get fine filtration to prevent the impurities in the diesel dirt and other wear corrosion of many precision parts in the oil supply.


  1. Shock absorber

The function of the shock absorber is to absorb vibration energy and achieve the purpose of vibration reduction.


  1. Oil cooler assembly

The oil cooler is located in the cooling waterway and uses the temperature of the cooling water to control the temperature of the lubricating oil.


  1. Various rubber hoses

Used to transport hydraulic fluids such as fuel oil and lubricating oil.


  1. Flame preheating device

The main purpose is to help the diesel engine start.


  1. High pressure tubing assembly

The high-pressure fuel in the fuel system passes through the pipeline, which is the part connecting the injection pump and the fuel burner. It is composed of three kinds of nut, sheath and high-pressure oil pipe, or two kinds of nut high-pressure oil pipe parts.


  1. Intake and exhaust valve seats

The part on the cylinder head that is fitted to the valve cone is called the valve seat.

  1. Main bearing bolts

Fasten the body together with the main bearing and the frame.


  1. Gasket for inlet and exhaust pipe

Gasket between intake and exhaust and cylinder head.


  1. Engine harness

The circuit is composed of connecting the ECU with the sensor and the fuel injector.


  1. Connecting rod bolts

Connect the big head of the connecting rod with the big head cover to provide enough fastening force to ensure the matching clearance between the bearing bush and the crankjournal.


  1. Connecting rod bearing (upper and lower)

The bearing between the connecting rod stud hole and the crankshaft journal.


  1. Connecting rod bushing

The bearing between the small hole of the connecting rod and the piston pin avoids premature wear of the piston pin and the crankshaft and improves the engine life.


  1. Thrust pad

The function is to adjust the gap between the front and back of the crankshaft, play the role of the axial support of the crankshaft, and prevent the axial rotation of the crankshaft while ensuring the axial rotation of the crankshaft.


  1. Air lock clamp

The valve lock clamp is also known as the valve positioner, the valve lock is mainly used to fix the valve spring seat or the valve rotating mechanism.


  1. Valve push rod assembly

The role of the push rod is to pass the thrust from the camshaft to the rocker arm, which has a high stiffness.


  1. Intake and exhaust rocker arms

The function of the valve rocker arm is to change the direction of the thrust transmitted by the push rod and complete the intake and exhaust of the engine.


  1. Valve tappet

The role of the tappet is to transfer the thrust of the CAM to the push rod or valve.


  1. Inner and outer valve springs

The function of the valve spring is mainly to ensure the return of the valve.


  1. Crankshaft

The crankshaft is the main rotating part of the engine. After the connecting rod is installed, the reciprocating motion of the connecting rod can be transformed into rotating motion.

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  1. Cylinder head bolts

By tightening the cylinder head bolt to the cylinder head cylinder gasket to produce a uniform and appropriate compression force to seal the high temperature and high pressure gas in the cylinder, while sealing cooling water and lubricating oil.


  1. Cylinder head

Its function is to seal the top of the cylinder and the piston and cylinder liner together to form a closed cylinder working space.


These are 40 of the 100 diesel engine parts list, the rest of which we will update in a future blog post.

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