Inspection of Cummins injector


In the diesel generator, the fuel injector is a very important part. A good fuel supply and speed control system is inevitable, Cummins injector is recommended. This paper will elaborate on the inspection of the Cummins injector.

In this process, you need to use the tools: a clean container or cloth, with copper pliers, vice, clean diesel, brush, wire brush, 1.7mm steel wire, drill, probe, pressure gauge, hand pump, white paper several.

First, if you want to inspect the Cummins injector in your diesel generator, you need to remove the injector.

The disassembly process is divided into three steps.

First, you need to wipe the diesel around the joint, in the process of wiping, you need the main Cummins injector's original installation method and order, to avoid installation errors, resulting in your Cummins injector not working.

Second, you need to prepare a clean container or cloth, and then remove the high-pressure oil pipe return the oil pipe, and put it into the prepared container in advance to avoid dust or dirt entering and blocking the pipe.

Third, remove the Cummins injector. You do not need to disassemble the parts in a hurry, it is necessary to test the Cummins injector first. If the Cummins injector is found to be working poorly during the test, it is not too late for you to disassemble its parts for inspection. The specific manifestations of the bad work are mentioned in the following four points.

  1. The spray oil is not atomized and flows out into an obvious continuous flow of oil.
  2. The injector injection is not cut off immediately, and multiple injections will occur.
  3. The oil injection nozzle produces abnormal dripping of oil.
  4. No oil can be sprayed or the oil is sprayed into many strips, which is usually caused by the blockage of the injection hole of the Cummins injector. 

If the above steps occur, all you need to do is disassemble the Cummins injector parts.

The removal of Cummins injector needs to be carried out on vice and must be equipped with copper jaws. And you need to clean the removed parts. In this process, you need to pay special attention to the various parts do not encounter any external pollutants

And the surface of the parts should not be bumped. When you use the vice, do not use it to grip the oil needle body, which will cause wear of the needle oil body.

Next, all parts except the fuel injector are washed in clean diesel. The oil tank on the Cummins injector body needs to be carefully cleaned with a brush and blown clean with compressed air. Careful removal of carbon deposits is also necessary. Separate cleaning of the nozzle requires the use of a wire brush, dip the wire brush in diesel oil, and remove all smoke residue and stains on the nozzle.

Finally, use a wire or drill bit to remove the blockage of the weight of the oil drill needle. If the orifice is blocked, you will need to remove the blockage with a specialized probe. The oil needle needs to be washed with a special wire brush after dipping in diesel oil.

After cleaning, you can inspect the Cummins injector.

The inspection is divided into three parts, which are the main inspection of the tightness, pressure, and atomization of the Cummins injector.

To test the tightness of the injector nozzle, you need to use a hand pump. When the pressure of the pump gauge is less than 156kpa, press the hand pump at a constant speed 10 times per minute until the oil is sprayed.

At this time, you need to observe the spray nozzle of the oil, the nozzle should not leak phenomenon, and the spray hole allows a trace of moisture, but can not drop oil. If you find dripping oil, it means that the cone of your Cummins injector is poorly sealed, and you need to clean the nozzle again for testing.

For the test of injection pressure, you need to test on the test bench. Use the handle to press the oil and observe whether the injection pressure is consistent with the instructions. If the pressure is low, you need to turn the tension nut, turn the pressure regulator screw downward, and increase the pressure of the pressure regulator spring to increase the pressure of the oil injection. If the pressure is high, the reverse is true. The injection pressure of each injection nozzle of the multi-cylinder diesel generator should be consistent.

For the test of oil spray atomization, you need to use the white paper prepared in advance, and you need to let the oil nozzle spray oil at a distance of about 10-20mm from the white paper by the prescribed oil injection pressure range. You can check the oil bundle based on the oil stains sprayed on the white paper. For a single-hole nozzle, the entire area of the oil stain sprayed on the white paper should be circular. Tapering from the center to the periphery, there should be no accumulation of diesel drips. For the porous nozzle, attention should be paid to the injection of oil in each spray hole, the oil stain should be consistent with the number of spray holes, and the shape of the oil stain in each hole should be similar. If an oil stain is missing and the shape of the oil stain is skewed, the size is inconsistent, indicating that it needs to be re-adjusted.

Conclusion of Cummins injector inspection

The inspection of the Cummins injector is very important, and although the steps are cumbersome, you still need to be careful. If you need Cummins injector, you can contact us and we will provide you with quality guaranteed products and services.

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