How often should the spark plug be changed, and what are the effects of not changing it for 3 years?

How often should the spark plug be changed, and what are the effects of not changing it for 3 years?

Abstract:The spark plug is a key component of the automobile engine, which determines whether the engine can operate normally. Understanding the spark plug replacement cycle is crucial to maintaining good engine performance. This article will explain how the spark plug works in detail and guide you on how to determine the best replacement time for different car types and spark plug types.


How it works:

The spark plug of a car is like a cigarette lighter, and its working principle is to introduce high voltage current into the cylinder in the gasoline engine ignition system to generate electric sparks to ignite the combustible mixture of gas components. The spark plug is a key component of the automotive engine, which is usually composed of a central electrode, a ceramic insulator, and a metal casing. The central electrode of the spark plug is discharged with the fuel mixture in the cylinder, and when the current passes through the gap between the central electrode and the metal housing, a spark is generated to ignite the mixture. This process requires a specific voltage, usually between a few thousand volts and ten thousand volts.


Factors affecting the replacement cycle:

  1. Engine type: The type of gasoline engine has an impact on the replacement cycle of the spark plug. For example, diesel engines require a higher ignition voltage due to their high compression ratio, so the service life of the spark plugis relatively short.
  2. Fuel quality: The quality of fuel will also affect the service life of the spark plug. High-quality fuel helps to reduce the wear and tear of spark plugs and extend their service life.
  3. Driving habits: frequent acceleration, deceleration, and other bad driving habits will increase the wear of the engine, thereby shortening the life of the spark plug.
  4. Maintenance: Regular replacement of the spark plugcan ensure that its performance is always in the best condition, thereby extending the service life of the engine.


Replacement cycle for different models and spark plug types:

  1. Ordinary spark plug: The replacement cycle is usually between 30,000 and 60,000 kilometers. Some models with low fuel consumption and low wear can properly extend the replacement cycle.
  2. Single platinum spark plug: The replacement cycle of a single platinum spark plugis usually between 50,000 and 80,000 kilometers. This kind of spark plughas better durability and stability.
  3. Iridium spark plug: The iridium spark plugreplacement cycle is relatively long, and can reach more than 80,000 kilometers. They have high ignition energy and corrosion resistance and are suitable for high-load, high-speed engines.
  4. Double iridium spark plug: The replacement cycle of a double iridium spark plugis longer, up to more than 100,000 kilometers. This type of spark plughas extremely high ignition performance and corrosion resistance, making it the first choice for high-performance cars.


If the performance of the spark plug is reduced to the point where it is difficult to ignite the gasoline, the gasoline enters the three-way catalytic converter of the exhaust system, which is easy to causes damage to the three-way catalytic converter at high temperatures. At the same time, it may also cause the situation of substandard exhaust emissions. You know, the price of the three-way catalytic converter is not cheap, once damaged, it is time-consuming and costly.


The normal spark plug electrode should be light yellow around, if the spark plug surface has black carbon deposits, it means that the engine burning oil or gasoline quality is not good, improper mixing ratio is caused. In addition, it should be noted that if the spark plug needs to be replaced, it must be replaced in complete sets, otherwise it will cause the spark plug ignition energy to be different, resulting in uneven power generation due to the cylinder block.


What happens when you don't change the spark plug? 1, idle jitter: 2, acceleration weakness: 3. Fuel consumption rise: 4. Carbon accumulation: If engine ignition is not good, then the fuel will not be good, it is easy to produce carbon accumulation, and the impact of carbon accumulation I believe everyone knows, there is no benefit, followed by all negative effects, may be serious will cause ignition coil together broken.


For our safety, when choosing spark plugs, we must choose genuine products! Although fake spark plugs will save you money in the short term, the consequences of it are very bad. Light will make the ignition performance poor, the engine difficult to start, the fuel consumption increased, serious when there will be leakage, interference, and even damage to other electronic components, the phenomenon of flaring out during driving, endangering the personal safety of the driver and passengers on the car.


According to the use of the vehicle, it is generally recommended to do a deep engine carbon deposition cleaning after driving 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers. Even if the old spark plug is removed and everything is fine, you can use an endoscope to check the carbon accumulation of the piston top.


Summary: Through the explanation of this article, you should have a deeper understanding of the spark plug replacement cycle. Keep in mind that keeping the spark plug replaced regularly is one of the keys to maintaining engine performance. In addition, developing good driving habits, using high-quality fuel and regular vehicle maintenance are also important measures to extend engine life. Finally, please note that the replacement cycle corresponding to different models and spark plug types may be different, so it needs to be judged according to the specific situation in actual operation.


If you have any questions about the specific replacement process or need more information about a particular model or type of special spark plug, you can contact us and we will be able to provide more specific advice and products based on your vehicle situation.

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