What are the common problems of aerial work platform maintenance?

What are the common problems of aerial work platform maintenance?


1 Remove the device and replace the parts blindly


Some maintenance personnel are not clear about the structure and principle of the high-altitude working platform, blindly dismantling and unloading the machinery, and the result is not only that the original fault has not been eliminated, but also that new problems have arisen due to poor maintenance skills and processes. After disassembly, the method of replacement test was adopted, and the parts that should not be replaced were replaced at will, increasing the cost.

Therefore, we should carefully analyze and judge the cause and location of the fault according to the fault phenomenon, and then start maintenance, and avoid blindly dismantling and unloading.


2 When replacing new parts, the quality is not checked, and new problems occur after assembly


Before replacing the parts, the new parts should be technical inspection, on the one hand, the quality of spare parts sold on the market is uneven, and there are some fake and shoddy parts; On the other hand, some accessories may be due to too long inventory time, performance changes, if not tested, often cause failure after assembly.

Therefore, the maintenance personnel must carry out the necessary inspection and test before replacing the new parts, including the appearance and performance test, to ensure that the new parts are trouble-free and eliminate unnecessary trouble caused by them.


3 Do not pay attention to the model of accessories, accessories substitute or misuse phenomenon is more common


In the maintenance of aerial work platforms, parts replacement or misuse phenomenon is still more common, some parts emergency replacement is feasible, but long-term use is harmful, affecting the safety and technical performance of machinery. Some maintenance personnel have less understanding of the mechanical structure and principle, and many spare parts do not match the model, but they think that as long as they can be installed, they do not consider whether the technical performance of the machinery can be played.

Therefore, when maintaining the aerial work platform, the original model of accessories should be used as far as possible, and other models of accessories can not be used instead, but can not be misused.


4 It is not uncommon to replace pairs or components or accessories in complete sets


There are many pairs on the aerial working platform, such as the plunger pair of the diesel fuel system, the oil outlet valve pair, and the needle valve pair of the fuel injection nozzle; The spool and valve sleeve in the full hydraulic steering gear, etc., these matching parts are specially processed in the factory, and are ground in pairs, which are very precise, and are always used in pairs during the service life, and must not be interchangeable; Some mutual components, such as piston and cylinder liner, bearing bush and journal, valve and valve seat, connecting rod big head tile cover and rod body, after a period of run-in use, relatively good match, in the maintenance, should also pay attention to pair assembly, do not string.

In the maintenance of aerial work platforms, some parts assembly has strict direction requirements, only the correct installation, to ensure the normal work of parts. The external characteristics of some parts are not obvious, both positive and negative can be installed, and the installation is often reversed in actual work, resulting in early damage to parts, mechanical failure to work normally, and damage accidents on high-altitude working platforms.

Therefore, when assembling parts, maintenance personnel must master the structure and installation direction requirements of parts, and cannot blindly install them.


5The maintenance method is irregular and cannot fundamentally solve the problem


In the maintenance of aerial work platforms, some maintenance personnel do not take the correct maintenance method, and think that emergency measures are universal, to "emergency" instead of "maintenance". Such as the frequently encountered "welding instead of repair", is example, some parts can be repaired, but some maintenance personnel save trouble, but often use the "welding dead" method. After the connection thread of the hydraulic cylinder earring and the cylinder piston rod is damaged, the direct welding method will cause the cylinder oil seal to be damaged and unable to be replaced, resulting in serious oil leakage; To make the diesel engine "strong", artificially increase the fuel supply of the injection pump and increase the injection pressure of the injector.

These irregular maintenance methods can only be emergency, but not long-term use, we must fundamentally find out the cause of the fault, and take regular maintenance methods to eliminate the fault, should attract the attention of maintenance personnel.



6 Small pieces do not pay attention to good or bad, resulting in increased failure


In the maintenance operation, some maintenance personnel often only pay attention to the maintenance of the injection pump, oil pump, piston, cylinder liner, piston ring, hydraulic oil pump, control valve, brake, steering system, and other parts, but ignore the maintenance of filters, relief valves, all kinds of instruments and other small parts, they think that these small parts do not affect the work of machinery, even if damaged is irrelevant. As long as the machinery can be used, it is not known that it is the lack of maintenance of these small parts that leads to early wear and shorten the service life of the machinery.

These small pieces in all equipment are also essential for the normal operation and maintenance of the aerial work platform, and are crucial to extending the service life of the machinery. In the maintenance operation, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is often penny wise and penny foolish, resulting in the occurrence of the aerial work platform failure.

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