How to test the solenoid?

How to test solenoids?

The quality of the solenoid mainly depends on two aspects, one is the coil and the other is the valve body, so the test mainly tests these two aspects.

  1. If the solenoid is energized, unplug it and use a multimeter to measure whether there is electricity.
  2. The solenoid is energized with a thin steel wire close to the coil to see if there is suction.
  3. solenoid power - power off repeatedly try, to use a very thin hex wrench to poke the solenoid axis of the brass "small pit" to see if it can suck and pop out.


Materials required for testing solenoids

Multimeter, several thin steel wire, very thin hex wrench.

 Materials required for testing solenoids 


The principle of testing solenoids

First give the solenoid on the controlled medium (liquid, gas (air) with pressure, the pressure value is the middle value of the pressure range used by the solenoid, and then give the solenoid coil power, if the controlled medium has a change from the through to the break or from the break to the state, then the solenoid is good, otherwise there is a problem.

 The principle of testing solenoids


Test solenoids fault

  1. coil short circuit or break

Fault phenomenon

First, use a multimeter to measure its on-off, and the resistance value approaches zero or infinity, which indicates that the coil is short-circuited or broken. If the resistance value measured is normal, it does not mean that the coil must be good. Perform the following final test: Find a small screwdriver and place it near the metal rod that is threaded through the solenoid coil. Then apply electricity to the solenoid. If it feels magnetic, the solenoid coil is good, otherwise, it is bad.

Treatment method

Replace the solenoid coil

 Test solenoids fault


  1. plug or socket problem

Fault phenomenon

If the solenoid is a plug or socket, there may be a metal spring problem of the socket, a wiring problem on the plug, such as connecting the power cord to the ground wire, and other reasons that the power supply cannot be sent to the coil.

So it is best to develop a habit of putting the screw on the socket after the plug is inserted, and the nut on the coil after the spool rod.

If the plug of the solenoid coil is equipped with an LED power indicator, then the use of DC power to drive the solenoid should be connected correctly, otherwise, the indicator will not light. In addition, do not replace the power plug with the light-emitting diode power indicator of different voltage levels, which will lead to the light-emitting diode being burned, the power supply being short-circuited or the light-emitting diode being very weak.

If there is no power indicator, the solenoid coil does not need to distinguish polarity.

Treatment method

Correct wiring errors, repair or replace plugs and sockets

 Test solenoids fault


  1. Valve core problem

Fault phenomenon,In the case of normal pressure of the medium through the solenoid, press the red manual button of the solenoid, the solenoid does not have any reaction, and the pressure medium does not change on or off, indicating that the spool must be bad.

Treatment method: Check whether there is a problem in the medium, such as whether there is a lot of water in the compressed air, or whether the liquid medium has a lot of impurities, remove the water or impurities in the solenoid and pipeline. If not, please repair or replace the spool, or simply replace the entire solenoid.

After inspection, the coil is the original coil, and the coil is powered on when the magnetic normal, but the solenoid still does not operate, then the function of the manual button of the solenoid may be normal, indicating that the spool is bad.

Treatment: Please repair or replace the spool, or simply replace the entire solenoid.

 test solenoids


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What should you Pay attention to when purchasing soleniods

1.Type,2-way,3-way or 4-way

2.Operation ,Is it normally open (N/O), normally closed (N/C) or universal (U) operation?


4.What is the voltage.


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The conclusion about how to test solenoids: The quality of the solenoid is mainly the detection coil and valve body, you can refer to the above methods for detection, if you have doubts about how to detect the solenoid, you can contact us, and we can provide you with professional answers and products.




What can a faulty fuel shutoff solenoid do to a diesel engine?

According to quora,Mike Percival said,”I have a 230cc diesel-powered all-terrain motorcycle (EcoRider). The engine has electric start and a fuel shutoff solenoid. In case of a flat battery, it is possible to start the engine by a lever which mechanically opens the fuel solenoid (which is normally electrically operated and kickstarting the bike.

In order to shut off the engine, it is simply throttled back to idle, and the fuel can be mechanically switched off again. Of course, once the engine is running, the alternator then charges the battery up again, the mechanical over-ride can be reset, and the engine will then shut off normally with the solenoid.”


Why is the magnetic field outside of a solenoid reduced?

To get a full, proper, rigorous answer, you need to do this quantitatively, likely using Ampère's circuital law (or similar).

However, to get an intuition for why it makes sense, all you need to know is that the magnetic field from a current-carrying wire tends to "wrap around" that wire: if you point your right thumb in the direction of the current, and allow the fingers on your right hand to curl naturally, they will curl in the direction of the magnetic field from that current.

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