What should we pay attention to when replacing parts of diesel generator set maintenance?

diesel generator sets need regular maintenance, daily use process also needs to pay attention to maintenance, so that the performance of the diesel generator set can be played to the best state, but in any case, all mechanical equipment, there will always be a failure to repair, then when the diesel generator set maintenance if you need to replace parts, the user should pay attention to what?

1.The assembly must pay attention to clean

If the body is mixed with oil mechanical impurities and dust and mud during assembly, it will not only accelerate the wear of parts but also easily cause oil circuit blockage, resulting in tile burning and shaft explosion accidents. If the new injector must be replaced, the anti-rust oil must be cleared in clean diesel oil at 80℃and then assembled after a sliding test.


2.Pay attention to assembly technical requirements

The repair personnel generally pay more attention to the valve clearance, bearing clearance, etc., but some technical requirements are often ignored, when the cylinder liner is soft installed, the upper plane should be 0.1 mm higher than the body plane, otherwise there will be cylinder leakage or continuous ring cylinder pad failure.


3.Note that some accessories should be replaced in pairs

The injector needle valve pair, plunger pair, and oil valve pair are three precision pairs to replace, this can generally be done. However, some other accessories do not pay attention to replacement in pairs, such as replacing the gear, only replacing the one with more serious wear will lead to increased noise after assembly, aggravated wear, and the service life will be greatly shortened. When replacing the cylinder liner, the piston and piston ring should also be replaced.

4.Parts of variant products are not necessarily universal

Some diesel engine factories sell a certain model of variant products of many parts that are not common. For example, the crankshaft of the S195B diesel engine, the main bearing, cylinder liner, piston, intake and exhaust valve, valve guide valve spring, and other parts are not common.


5.Different large accessories of the same model are not common

When using the repair size method, you can choose to increase the size of the parts, but you must identify which level of the parts to increase. If the crankshaft can only be increased by 0.25 mm after the first grinding, if the bearing is increased by 0.5 mm, the scraping amount of the bearing is large, not only wasting time but also ensuring the repair quality but also greatly reducing the service life of the bearing.


6.Prevent misinstallation and missing installation of parts

As far as single-cylinder diesel engines are concerned, there are more than one thousand parts, and most of them have certain installation positions and direction requirements, if you do not pay attention, it is easy to misinstall or leak. If the vortex chamber insert is inverted, the fuel cannot pass directly through the starting nozzle, making the engine difficult or impossible to start.


7.Pay attention to the storage of accessories

For the parts of the repair diesel generator set sent to the customer's home from the repair shop should be stored in the storage room and placed in a safe location, do not put some metal materials and accessories in a wet place. The oil on the parts of the diesel generator set should be cleaned and then stored to avoid parts rust. Some rubber seals and plastic accessories should be stored in a cool and dry place. At the same time, the old parts replaced should be centrally handled and should not be discarded at will.


Replacement of diesel generator set accessories must strictly abide by the relevant regulations, especially for the carburetor, cylinder head, cylinder head bushing, and other wearing parts must be the fixing bolt when disassembling, do not make the wrench contact with these parts, to avoid knocking accidents. When replacing the air filter element, it should be confirmed that the filter element can be installed with filter paper or non-woven material, and it is strictly prohibited to use chemical fiber fabric instead, otherwise, it will accelerate the damage to the chemical fiber filter material, and produce more fine particles causing abnormal wear of the acceleration shaft and high-speed rotating parts; Screw to use the appropriate tools, try to avoid hand hammer on the screw head or use too small screw head, to prevent damage to the surface of the parts; When releasing the oil of various parts of the diesel generator set, the oil should be lowered in the heat engine state, such as the oil of the cooling machine will flow through the cylinder head, valve, and other high-temperature parts, resulting in oil deterioration or a large number of carbon deposits; The diesel filter should be replaced at the same time when the oil is changed.


In short, the replacement of diesel generator set accessories is a technical work that needs to be taken seriously. Only maintenance and replacement in strict accordance with the relevant regulations and operating procedures can extend the service life of the diesel generator set and ensure its safe and reliable work. At the same time, for the prevention and solution of some common faults, we also need to pay more attention to accumulating experience and take corresponding preventive measures.


The above is about the diesel generator set maintenance replacement parts should pay attention to some matters. Hope to help you all! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us

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