Something about John Deere tractors

Something about John Deere tractors

Why John Deere Tractor is Famous Tractor Brand

John Deere always works for customer betterment; it is always trying to make customers happy and satisfied. The John Deere tractor has advanced features such as a high hydraulic system, best transmission system, high engine power, and many more that make it a popular tractor brand among all tractor brands. John Deere tractors prices are another reason to like it because its price is affordable and fit for the farmer’s budget.


Top 7 Quality of John Deere Tractor:

1、Innovative Technology

2、Heavy Lifting Capacity

3、Unique Design

4、Power and Durability

5、Safer for Farmers

6、Ease of Customization



Chapter 1. how much is a john deere tractor

John Deere’s tractor models are some of the most demanded tractors among farmers. The Tractor comes with superb qualities and features that provide productive work on the farm. The prices of his tractors are economical for the farmers, and they can easily afford them.


John Deere has a lot of popular tractors, and we will be bringing you the price list of some of those tractors as follows:

1、The John Deere 9RT Series of track tractors:ranges from $424,246 to $511,008.

2、The John Deere 9RX Series of track tractors:ranges from $523,359 to $574,786.

3、The John Deere 9R Series of track tractors:ranges from $303,495 to $459,175.

4、The John Deere 5EN Series Specialty Narrow tractors:range from $38,661 to $43,632.

5、The John Deere High Crop Specialty tractors:range from $53,936 to $59,000.


These are some of the price ranges of John Deere’s tractors. There are still others with different price ranges, depending on the tractors’ model, type, and function. You can visit the company’s website for more information as regards their prices and the functions of each of the trucks.


Chapter 2. where are john deere tractors made

John Deere has been recognized as one of the premier tractor and heavy machinery manufacturers in the world since its founding in 1918. As befits a company with global reach and international notoriety, John Deere manufactures its tractors in four factories in the USA, as well as 10 internationally.


For the most part, John Deere’s tractor production is shared across two locations – one in Germany and one in the US.

All tractors in the 7R, 8R and articulated 9R series emerge from Deere’s Waterloo, Iowa, headquarters plant.

Most use diesels from Deere’s engine plant nearby, but the top-horsepower 9R and its derivatives are powered by a 14.9-litre motor from the Jamestown factory of Cummins in Lakewood, New York.

In Europe, JD’s Mannheim facility in south-west Germany assembles all the 5R-, 6M- and 6R-series tractors up to the biggest 6250R model, with cabs shipped in from Bruchsal, 30 miles south of Mannheim, and engines from Saran, near Orleans in France.

Historically, the larger 6-series tractors (170hp-250hp) were also built in Waterloo for the US market, but this arrangement is coming to an end, which means Mannheim will now build all 6R models for global sale.

Towards the lower end of the range, the 5M tractors are sourced from a John Deere factory in Augusta, Georgia, while the 5E comes from Deere’s Hadapsar factory near Pune, south-east of Mumbai, India.

The 5G-series orchard and vineyard tractors are produced by Carraro Group’s Agritalia plant in Rovigo, Italy.


John Deere Manufacturing Locations:

1、Augusta, GA, USA:Compact utility and utility tractors

2、Waterloo, IA, USA:Agricultural tractors

3、Greeneville, TN, USA:Lawn and garden tractors

4、Horicon, WI, USA:Lawn and garden tractors

5、Rosario, Argentina:Agricultural tractors

6、Montenegro, Brazil:Agricultural tractors

7、Harbin, China:Agricultural tractors

8、Ningbo, China:Agricultural tractors

9、Tianjin, China:Agricultural tractors

10、Mannheim, Germany:Agricultural tractors

11、Dewas, India:Agricultural tractors

12、Pune, India:Agricultural tractors

13、Saltillo, Mexico:Agricultural tractors

14、Moscow/Domodedovo, Russia:Agricultural tractors


Chapter 3. how to choose tractor parts

First, find the model number of your John Deere tractor

To find any part, you first need to know the model or serial number of your machine. That number can be found on the identification tag which is pictured above and found on all John Deere equipment.


Second,The part number you need

Once you have the model number of your machine, you will need a part number in order to purchase a replacement part. Once you choose your assembly you’ll be shown a visual diagram of that part of the tractor with all of the individual parts labeled with a number. Those numbers can be matched with a corresponding OEM part number under the diagram. Once you have the OEM part number, its as simple as entering the number into Google search and making your purchase.

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