Top 10 Electric Loaders of China in 2023

Top 10 Electric Loaders of China in 2023

It is reported that in the past few years, under the influence of many factors such as the impact of the epidemic and the continuous decline of real estate and other industries in the construction machinery industry, the market demand has continued to be weak, and the sales of most products in the domestic market have declined. Therefore, at the 2023 China Construction Machinery User Development Forum held in Changsha, Hunan, China, relevant leaders from well-known companies in the construction machinery industry and elite users in the industry will discuss issues that users care about, the company's development and business strategies, and the electrification and intelligence of the industry. The future development trend of the industry and other topics, together analyze the problems faced by the industry, grasp the development trend of the industry, and jointly discuss the road to high-quality development of the industry.

As we all know, the development of new energy vehicles has matured day by day, and the sales of new energy vehicles in China are very gratifying, accounting for half of the fuel vehicles. This meeting officially released the top ten electric loader list, in order to commend the outstanding enterprises in the process of promoting the new energy of construction machinery, which also objectively promotes the development of China's construction machinery industry. Develop in the direction of green, smart and low carbon.

Next, let's watch together, the list of "Electric Loaders - TOP10 Users Most Focus on" is as follows:

Liugong 856E-MAX electric loader

Shantui LE60-X3 electric loader

Shandong Lingong L956HEV (pure electric) loader

Nuohao NZE60F (pure electric) loader

Sany SW966E electric loader

XCMG XC968-EV electric loader

Brayton BRT966EV electric loader

Lonking LG866H-E Electric Loader

Xiagong XG958EV electric loader

SEM658F electric loader

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