<strong><b>How long can diesel cars last? How to improve the service life of </b></strong><strong><em><b>diesel engine</b></em></strong><strong><b>s?</b></strong>

Engines are usually divided into diesel engines and gasoline engines. The diesel engine has the advantages of low-speed torque and high economics, and the diesel engine machine is good, but the daily maintenance is also a lot. The engine is the core component of a machine and is the main source of power, many failures are caused by improper maintenance, so the maintenance and repair of the engine are very important. Learn to properly use and maintain the engine, and reduce the failure rate, to create more economic benefits. If you own a diesel engine, you must pay attention to the following points to maintain your engine.


(1) Choose high-quality diesel

Because diesel is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, it is not easily volatile, has a high ignition point, and is not easy because it is ignited by unexpected conditions, so it is a relatively safer choice as a fuel. The quality of diesel oil is the guarantee of the healthy operation of diesel engines. If the diesel containing water content or impurities is poor, it may cause serious damage to the high-pressure distribution pump, so it must be carefully selected when it is the fuel to choose the gas station, do not think that the diesel engine can not be concerned.

In addition, diesel cars cannot add gasoline, diesel engines, and gasoline engine ignition. The working principles are different. If it is wrong, it can cause damage to the engine. If the wrong gasoline is found, do not start the vehicle, contact the repair station or 4S shop, and contact the treatment.


(2) Replace the oil in time

diesel engines are generally more durable, because diesel engine speed is relatively low, and the partial wear inside the engine is relatively reduced, diesel engines do not have ignition systems and throttle valves, so the failure rate is relatively low, generally to some extent, the service life of diesel engines can reach 850,000 kilometers. Due to different working methods and principles, diesel engines are different from automotive machines. diesel engines require special oils, and the maintenance cycle is related to the engine and local oils produced by each manufacturer. In addition, diesel engines use air filters, oil filters, and diesel filters, so they can play their full role.


(3) Timely refueling

diesel engines are relatively strong, which is very efficient, and so many people don't pay attention to the amount of oil while driving and often open up the car and try to know there is no oil. In everyday cars, you must try to avoid this situation, because in this case, the engine is in the air and the air is sucked in, causing serious damage to the engine.


(4) Preheating device

Current diesel engine pickers are usually equipped with a preheating plug device to alert the driver. When the engine is in a cold state, turn on the ignition switch, the light is on, and the indicator can start the engine. If the engine is in a warm state, the bulb will not light up and the engine can be started directly. At the same time, the lamp also has an alarm function. During driving, the indicator lights shine, indicating a defect in the engine management system. Cars for diesel pickup trucks make your skin more skin


(5) There is no large throttle oil supply during start-up

Diesel pickup trucks should not press the accelerator pedal during the start, do not start too fast, and the speed is not too high, especially during the cold start. This is because the engine cools after the cooling car starts, the oil has high viscosity, and large flow resistance, the engine oil enters the friction pair, the engine parts are not fully lubricated, and the throttle is not fully lubricated until the steel is made may result in gears due to lack of lubrication or bearing damage. In addition, if a large throttle is given when the engine is just starting, in addition to unnecessary fuel waste, excess diesel will also fill the cylinder wall and will most likely flow out with the piston, causing an increase in oil. Do not turn off the flame immediately after the engine runs for a long time, and then turn off after the temperature drops for two minutes to avoid heat.


The above is a summary of the maintenance points in the daily driving process. If you have any other ideas, you can discuss them with me. Of course, the fuel injection pump is also an important part of the diesel fuel supply system, and its working condition directly affects the power, economy, and reliability of the diesel engine. Proper maintenance is an important prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the fuel injection pump and extend its service life. We can discuss the correct maintenance of the fuel injection pump in the next issue.

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