Thermo king refrigeration truck TK486V engine repair list
Here is the engine maintance list for Thermo King truck SB-130, SB-200TG, SB-210+, SB-230, SB-310+, SB-330, SB-440, SPECTRUM SB series with TK486V engine.
Part number Description Engine
13-1064 piston TK486V
13-355 piston ring TK486V
11-8919 cylinder liner TK486V
13-920 mian bearing std TK486V
13-924 con rod bearing std TK486V
13-927 thrust bearing TK486V
13-932 intake valve TK486V
13-659 outlet valve TK486V
11-8932 valve spring TK486V
33-4088 front oil seal TK486V
33-2974 rear oil seal TK486V
30-291 full gasket TK486V
33-5056 head gasket TK486V
13-509 water pump TK486V
13-385 thermostat TK486V

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