Tips when you need to install a turbocharger

I know many customers do the maintance and repair by themselves. Here I have several tips for you when you need to install a turbocharger no matter it's a new or remanufactured turbo.

1.Before installation, confirm that the intake and exhaust passages are free of foreign objects, including small metal shavings or debris. Even small debris can cause serious damage to a supercharger's high-speed rotor assembly.

2.Make sure all gaskets, seals and o-rings are replaced. These accessories must be replaced in time after use. And the supercharger will be equipped with these accessories. This is what we have learned from customer feedback we have received as well as actual experiments.

3.Make sure the outlet is no more than 20 degrees from the center of the bottom in either direction.

4.Fill the turbocharger inlet with clean oil until the oil overflows. This will ensure that the turbo is lubricated on first start.

5.Before connecting the outlet line, run the engine without ignition until you see a stream of oil coming out of the outlet.

6.Please allow the engine to idle for 4-5 minutes after installation. This step is to allow contamination to flush out of the center housing before loading. This will also ensure that the bearings are properly lubricated before loading.

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