Tips to increase your diesel engine's longevity
As a user, we all want our engines to last a long time. There are little things we can do to extend the life of the engine by years/miles in a very easy way.

Here are some real and tested methods:
1. Change the oil and oil filter every 5000 miles.
2. Change the fuel filter every other oil change - the fuel filter is your engine's first line of defense against grease and impurities. Using an old fuel filter to save on repair costs can introduce dirt and debris into the fuel system and cause premature wear of the fuel injection pump and injectors, which can lead to many other problems.
3. Retrofit and upgrade the engine - Chips, FASS fuel pumps and high-performance injectors are attractive to the high-performance market. These products have their place in the industry, but if you want to keep your diesel engine alive for as long as possible, don't upgrade your engine. Original equipment has been tested for thousands of hours and fine-tuned. Your engine is running in the most suitable and stable way. It does not mean that it cannot be upgraded at all, but upgrading will bring a lot of uncertainty, which will destroy the original stability of the engine.
4. Early butt failures – When you see the check engine light come on, diagnose it as soon as possible and have a professional look at it before a small problem snowballs into a big one. Letting problems snowball is a great way to prematurely destroy your engine. For example, you regularly check the oil level and find that the engine oil level is rising. Option A: You take your precious excavator to repair shop "X" who determines that the engine is adding fuel to the oil. The injector seals leaked and started adding fuel to the crankcase. You change the seals, change the oil, and your diesel engine is back on track for long life. Option B: You ignore this problem and keep running the engine until it shuts down. Fuel destroys the ability of oil to lubricate the engine. All bottom end parts and piston/sleeve rub against each other without lubrication and the engine loses compression. The engine main bearing was hit. The engine will need to be replaced.

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