What are the commonly used agricultural machinery parts? How do we identify quality?


Due to harsh working conditions, agricultural machinery has relatively high performance requirements for each component, and requires regular maintenance and replacement of damaged components. Commonly used agrarian machinery components include agricultural tires, threaded parts, gears, V-belts, injectors, and chains. , piston rings, filters, etc. The quality of agricultural machinery parts on the market is mixed. When purchasing these parts, you must identify the authenticity to avoid deception. We can distinguish the quality of agricultural machinery parts from three aspects: vision, hearing, and touch.


What are the commonly used agricultural machinery parts?

1.Agricultural tires

Qualified agricultural tires have trademarks, models, specifications, number of layers, and cord materials on both sides of the tire, which are clear and eye-catching. Some are also printed with production numbers and stamped with inspection seals. The inner tube's surface should be smooth, bright, and elastic when held in hand. If the surface markings on the outer tire are incomplete or blurred, the inner tube is dull, and the tire is thin and uneven in thickness. The agricultural machinery part is a defective product if it has no elasticity when held in hand.

 2.Threaded parts

The appearance of qualified products should be bright and clean, without rust or defects, and the screws should be continuous, without burrs or cracks. Screw your threaded part together with the standard fitting. It should be able to screw to the bottom without getting stuck during the threading process. After it is screwed together, there should be no shaking and no impacting sound when you pull the connector. If the threaded parts you buy have defects such as rust, cracks, burrs, etc., and the connecting elements will shake when tightened, the agricultural machinery parts are defective.


Qualified gear packaging should be in good condition. The surface of the gear should be smooth with no cutting marks, no burrs, and coated with anti-rust oil. There is usually a code on the side of the equipment. Use the stubble of a hacksaw blade to mark the equipment. There should be no scratches or only minor scratches on the surface. If there are burrs, crosscuts, and rust on the surface of the equipment, and there are chips and scratches when scratching, it means that the equipment is of poor quality and the agricultural machinery parts are defective.

 4.Piston rings

The surface of a qualified piston ring should be fine, smooth, and clean, with no manufacturing defects, no distortion and deformation, and good elasticity; if the piston ring has no elasticity, a rough surface, and damaged edges and corners, it means that the piston ring is of poor quality and the agricultural machinery parts are Defective goods.


The pore gap of qualified filter paper is between 0.04-0.08mm, the filter paper is arranged in an orderly manner, the quality is hard enough, and it does not deform after absorbing oil. The central tube of the filter element is made of high-quality steel. The mesh on it is of moderate size, can withstand oil pressure, and is not easily deformed. If the filter paper is too soft, the mesh sizes are different, the filter paper is not firmly connected to the upper and lower connecting plates, the quality could be better, and the agricultural machinery parts are defective.

 6.Oil seal

The surface of a qualified rubber oil seal should be flat and smooth, with no defects or deformations. There should be code, specifications, and manufacturer logos on the side. The shape and thickness of the cutting edge should be consistent across the entire circumference of the oil seal. When fitting with the matching test assembly, the cutting edge should fit tightly on the journal, the oil seal with a skeleton should have a straight shape, the end face should be perfectly round, and it should work well with the surface of the flat glass. The spring of the oil seal with spring should be free of rust and deformation, and the spring should be tightly locked in the lip without slack, indicating that the quality of the oil seal is unqualified and the agricultural machinery parts are defective.



Is there any other way to identify the quality of agricultural machinery parts?

1.Visual identification method

Visual inspection can identify the surface wear of agricultural machinery parts and the deterioration of the material on the surface of the details. For example, there are cracks on the cylinder block and cylinder head, fatigue peeling off of the characters of gears and flow bearings, annealing blue or pitting after severe burning of injectors and exhaust valves, wear and burning of friction materials of clutches and brakes, and piston damage. The degree of light leakage between the cylinder liner and the cylinder liner.

 2.Hearing identification method

You can use a small hammer to tap the parts of metal agricultural machinery parts gently, and judge from the sound whether there are any cracks inside and whether the connection is tight. Generally, the sound of tight and intact parts is clear and crisp, and the sound of defective parts is muddy. This method can help you identify cracks in your crankshaft and side rods, the combination of the bearing alloy and the body, and whether the rivet links are reliable and firm.

 3.Tactile identification method

Tactile identification means gently shaking your agricultural machinery parts with your hands and judging the gap size of the agricultural machinery parts based on your feelings without using measuring tools. For example, the clearance between the valve stem and the valve guide, the radial and axial clearance of the flow bearing.



There are many kinds of agricultural machinery parts, and each rural machinery part has its unique identification method. Suppose you have needs for agricultural machinery parts or you have any questions about agricultural machinery parts. In that case, you can contact us, and we will provide you with professional services and quality-assured products.

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