Which farm tractor is better, John Deere or Massey Ferguson?


Tractors are the most widely used and representative agricultural machinery in the world. We are more familiar with some of the world's leading farm tractor brands, such as John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Kubota, and Deutz. If you have a farm needing a farm tractor's help, which brand will you choose? Today, we look at the difference between John Deere and Massey Ferguson.

Tractors are the most widely used and representative agricultural machinery in the world. It is durable and simple in structure. Only by replacing the parts according to the purpose of the work, can it unlock various functions such as farming, harvesting, sowing, and transportation, which significantly liberates the dependence of traditional agriculture on workforce and animal power, and promotes agricultural progress.


Farm machines still hold a quaint, traditional image in the nostalgic imagination of many city dwellers. Still, they are pioneers in autonomous guidance, using satellite navigation, touch-screen interfaces, and radio base stations for precision control. If you think Google's driverless cars are advanced technology, you don't know that John Deere had a driverless tractor a few years ago. Driverless tractors have changed agriculture in the United States and around the world. John Deere's driverless tractors are a great example of a manufacturer anticipating and meeting future customer needs. Manufacturers provide farmers with automation solutions that increase their productivity.


Compared with John Deere, which has permanently attached great importance to technological progress, Massey Ferguson pays more attention to the performance and compactness of tractors. In July 2020, Massey Ferguson launched the change of the tractor lineup, starting with the 8S Series that replaced the 7700S range. In 2022, Massey Ferguson presented the new compact tractor 1700M Series and specialized tractor 3S Series.


The latest engine technology, the AGCO Power 7.4-litre six-cylinder engine, powers the MF 8S.265 tractor. It reaches full power at low speeds, such as 1500 rpm, providing excellent economy and quiet operation. The new Dyna-7 automatic transmission offers efficient operation of 28 forward and reverse speeds in four ranges and seven seamless gears.


This tractor from Massey Ferguson features a unique Protect-U design with 24 cm of space between the cab and engine to isolate the internal environment from noise, heat, and unwanted vibration. With a noise level of just 68 decibels, it's one of the market's quietest and most comfortable cabs. With an internal volume of 3.4 cubic meters, it is also one of the most spacious.


In addition to the versatility of Massey Ferguson's farm tractor, its fuel efficiency is also outstanding. The engine used by the farm tractor is equipped with a turbocharger and intercooler, which ensures efficient fuel combustion, and can save you about 10% fuel per hectare compared to other ordinary farm tractors.


Of course, its hydraulic system is first-class, in a prominent reflection in the seeder. For other brands of seeder in use for a few years, you may need to put the tractor in neutral to release the hydraulic. Why is it first-class? Many farmers who have bought the Massey Ferguson brand speak highly of its hydraulic system, "I have a Massey Ferguson purchased in 1955, and the hydraulic system is still the same as when I bought it. Because it is equipped with an economical engine, the fuel consumption is still the same as at the beginning." On the other hand, it also shows that Massey Ferguson's farm tractor is of good quality.


It is because of its good quality that it can guarantee stable operation for decades, and durability and reliability are its most significant advantages. What's more, Massey Ferguson's farm tractor is easy to maintain, with few breakdowns for decades after you use it, requiring as little maintenance as a battery replacement.


John Deere is also a first-class tractor brand. Compared with Massey Ferguson's farm tractors, the most significant disadvantage of John Deere is its high price. You might have to pay several times as much for Massey Ferguson's farm tractors to buy a John Deere tractor. But there is no denying that you can buy more advanced equipment for more money. John Deere has programmed tractor equipment that can provide refined agricultural solutions to make farming work more efficient and accessible.



Each brand of farm tractor has its advantages and disadvantages. John Deere is a more expensive but advanced technology; Massey Ferguson technology is less developed but durable and reliable. You can choose the right tractor brand for your needs. If you are a farmer looking for economic efficiency, Massey Ferguson is a good choice; if you are looking for a more efficient farmer, you can choose a John Deere refined program tractor.


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